THE Pixels Land Drop.


Mint Schedule

5000 Plots.
Dropping 1/31.
0.06 ETH.

Top 2000

Opens at 12:00pm PST

2 Pieces per wallet

ALlow List


1 piece per wallet

open mint


1 piece per wallet

Farm Land

See what the buzz is all about. We've been building our game in public and our pre-alpha is out right now.

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Your Own Land

A player owned house and farm for you in the metaverse.

Control over who can enter your space, whether it be an entire collection, individual addresses, or the general public.


Your NFT will be living here for the remainder of the Metaverse, you might as well make it look nice.

You'll be able to buy upgrades to optimize crop yield and add your own personal touch to land.


This land will give you exclusive access to the farming skill in our game. Own a farm to be fed for life.

Farms will be the only way to grow food - a key resource in the game we're building.

Don't have time to farm? Allow other to come on your land and share the rewards.

january 31

Traits Revealed

March 1

access to farms opened

April 1

CRop SHARING and FARM upgradeS