We're building a play-to-earn MMO built around the assets you already own. We believe the Metaverse is supposed to be open and composable, and we're going to set that example by bringing utility to as many of your assets as we can.

Our goal is to bring blockchain gaming to more people than ever. As we build accessibility and gameplay will be top of mind.

We're continually adding more native support for popular NFT lines. We also take suggestions - join our discord and let us know what you want to see next.


We're releasing our first quest and giving you a taste of what our game is going to look like.


We'll release 2000 Farming Plots. This is your chance to start building your home in the metaverse earlier than anyone else.

Early Q3

As we build out more game features, we'll have a token that will allow for easier exchange of goods on our server and will serve as a fuel to customize your house and space.

JUNE 2022

The alpha version of our game will be released to the public. The intention is for the game to be free to begin playing without any mint necessary. Though gameplay will be better if you have a home you can come back to.


We will make our code open source and create a governance token, transferring decision making, power, and ownership to the community.